Ways to Stop Smoking

There may be few ways to stop smoking that are as effective as Hypnotherapy. Why? Because Hypnotherapy allows your brain to establish new, automatic patterns of thinking. And, as you weigh up various ways to stop smoking, you already know that smoking compulsions happen unconsciously. You don't have to get yourself to want a cigarette, the desire triggers within you automatically. This article explains how our desire to smoke is a product of learned patterns of thinking. You will read about how these patterns form and how Hypnotherapy can help change them.

Our brain is adaptable

Just as wires run through mechanical devices delivering electrical signals, the human brain has a vast network of brain cells. In fact, it's estimated that we have 100 billion of them. When we learn something new, brain cells reach out and form new connections. These connections create extraordinarily complex networks which serve to deliver messages across the brain and body. They are our 'wiring' essentially and we become 'wired' to behave in certain ways.

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It's a Matter of Conditioning

We are not robots however and we can still respond according to what we choose to be right for us. Nevertheless, with repetition, we become conditioned to think, feel and behave in certain ways. As some say; "we become a product of our conditioning". This means we develop a tendency to be a certain way or to do things in particular ways. As you know, it's easy to do that which we've always done. Our connections in our brain cells make us primed and ready to repeat conditioned patterns. And so, in order to change our preferences, feelings, and behaviors, we must re-condition our thinking. We must create new patterns of thinking.

We become a product of our conditioning.

Creating new habitual patterns of thinking can be related to forging a new pathway across an overgrown meadow. The first time you walk across it takes some effort to stomp out the pathway. However, with continued repetition, the pathway is forged and easier to find each time. And, so it is in your brain. With repetition and an intensified focus, we can forge new pathways amongst your brain cells. Each repetition re-enforces the last until that way of thinking becomes the natural dominant way.

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How Hypnotherapy can help

Hypnotherapy is very helpful because, due to an enhanced focus, these new patterns can be forged in record time. The Hypnotic state is really an 'accelerated learning state' where thoughts are intensified and stronger than our usual train of thought. The ideas contemplated make deeper inroads and the brain cell interconnections form quicker and stronger. And so, of all ways to stop smoking, Hypnotherapy is widely considered as one of the best.

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Having unwanted habits can be a bit like being stuck in a maze. It's as if our thoughts and feelings keep going around and around in the same way and, essentially, they do. The same networks of brain cells that have been conditioned to activate, keep activating the same patterns. When a person wants to stop smoking, their smoking habits pull on them and almost force them back into the maze. With Hypnotherapy, what we do is interrupt these patterns and create new ones in their place. To use the metaphor of the maze, we jump the maze walls and initiate new patterns that weren't there before.

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Why Hypnotherapy is one of the best ways to stop smoking

In a Hypnotherapy session to stop smoking, many repeated suggestions will be given. These repetitions serve to strengthen the new connections made. But beyond this, the Hypnotherapist will weave a supportive tapestry of suggestions that allow the mind to further support the major ideas. For example; they might guide you to imagine future times when you are a non-smoker and provide suggestions of what you might feel and experience. Then they may take you back to the past and allow you to recognize how different you are now.

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They could take you on a journey round a number of scenarios of how bad it could feel if you continued smoking and how liberated and good you will feel about stopping. All in all, your mind will receive a huge array of ideas in quick succession that inevitably create the positive connections between brain cells that make an all-important shift in automatic thinking and feeling.


In Summary

There may be a number of ways to stop smoking, but the same is true for all of them. We must make changes in our thinking habits and establish new automatic patterns of thinking. With Hypnotherapy, once the process is complete and you proudly return to a state of refreshed alertness, you will likely feel very motivated to achieve the positive future visions that you've had.


You will have a blueprint in your brain cells that you can follow. And, doing so will be more automated now that these new patterns have been established. The Hypnotic process provides the conditioning needed to enable you to stop smoking more easily than you might have thought.

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What now? 

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