The Health Benefits when you Stop Smoking

Improvement begins fast

When you stop smoking your health automatically starts to improve right away! After as little as 20 minutes your body is driven to regulate itself and expel unwanted toxins. Dealing with a toxic blast from the last cigarette sped up your heart beat and increased your blood pressure. As they return to normal you're likely to feel more warmth from improved blood circulation. 

Your lungs will be happy 

Perhaps one of the most noticeable and pleasing effects is that your lungs will start to clear out carbon monoxide (usually associated with vehicle fumes). This means your body will receive a better oxygen supply giving you more energy. The little cilia hairs that line the lung walls will start to clear of the tar they had been subjected to. Their job is to filter out any unwanted substances so you get the best quality of air flow into your body and blood stream. As they become clearer it means you will find it easier to breath. Also, as your muscles receive a better oxygen supply, physical tasks will seem easier. 

Enjoy the taste of success

Another benefit that lies in store for you when you stop smoking is that your ability to taste improves. Both tastes and aromas will be more rich and full for you as damaged nerve endings start to regenerate at the back of your nose. Your meals will taste more flavoursome and you will be able to enjoy certain foods more than when you smoked. 

Look younger and healthier 

The poisons in cigarettes block the production of collagen for the skin. This is what naturally keeps the skin moist, supple and young. When you stop smoking this production process gets back to work again unimpaired. And so your skin will gradually start to look more alive and fresh and healthy. Don't be surprised if you start to get compliments about how you look!  


There are more benefits that could be listed here but many of them are valued to varying degrees person to person. For some people they are fed up with cigarettes controlling their life and they want to re-gain control. For others it's more about the financial strain smoking puts on them. Your health may or may not be your main reason for wanting to free yourself from smoking, however isn't it great to know that you get all of these gains anyway? 

When you stop smoking you're not losing out, you're gaining a whole array of benefits and freedoms. Your body was never made to run on toxins, it was made to reject toxins and maximise input of natural airs. When you stop smoking you only win. Your body will become cleaner and clearer. It will pump oxygen around your vital organs and muscles more efficiently and easily. You will become naturally fitter, younger and healthier. And, in physical reality, you don't need to do anything at all. Stopping smoking means you don't have to do something that you used to. You don't even need to plan ahead and ensure you have a supply anymore. Stop smoking today, it will be the best decision you ever made.   

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