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Are you looking for stop smoking hypnotherapy in Kensington? If so then you are on the right website. My name is James Brannan and I have the training, dedication, and experience needed to help you stop smoking more easily than you might have thought. As you read through this page, please feel free too call me on the telephone number below so I can answer any questions you may have about Hypnotherapy, what's involved and the process I use. I hope to have the opportunity to serve you soon.

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Looking for stop smoking hypnotherapy in Kensington?

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Have you tried to stop smoking before?

If you have tried to stop smoking before then you know that willpower is not the best way. And, although willpower can still have a place as you successfully stop, Hypnotherapy allows us to tap into more powerful parts of your mind. Most people who successfully stop smoking with Hypnotherapy have tried to stop many times before willpower. It's different with Hypnotherapy because we make safe and yet effective changes in the parts of your mind that have been driving the habit.

As you start thinking differently about smoking, your desire for a cigarette will fade. And, in time, it will be as if smoking is just something in your past that no longer has any significance to you. If you have managed to stop smoking for some time before, then you've already proven that you can do it. This time, allow a powerful process to help you and make it both easier and for good.

What are your chances of success?!

Things always seem much harder BEFORE we do them. And there many things you've already done which, from your perspective now, seem natural and easy. We forget that once we weren't so sure if we could: drive a car, speak to that audience, get that job, pass that test or meet that person. The same is true for smoking. Thousands of people have quit smoking with the help of Hypnotherapy and, if they can do it, then you CAN do it too. It's another one of those things where on this side of it, it may feel daunting or seem challenging, yet soon you will have very few thoughts about it. It will simply become something you did in the past.

Click here if you'd like to take a quiz to see how likely you are to stop smoking.

Why choose James to help you stop smoking?

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  • A Smoking Cessation Specialist

  • Helping clients successfully quit since 2010

  • An effective combination of Hypnotherapy and breakthrough techniques

  • Tried and tested methods

  • Get a FREE extra session (if ever needed)

  • Visit my Ealing Office or I can come to you


If you are looking for Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in Kensington and would prefer me to visit you, then I'm happy to do so for an extra £10 per session. I'm pleased to accommodate home visits as some clients prefer it.

Why I do what I do

I personally get a great sense of satisfaction from helping people to stop smoking and give themselves the freedom and health they choose. It's a fun process and I take a lot of pride and enjoyment in my work. I can understand that a person might feel nervous before stopping, however, many clients say that it was a great experience. It's a privilege to help a person accomplish something that can have such a positive impact on their health and on their future.

What you get


  • 2 highly effective hypnotherapy sessions
  • A proven process tailored to you
  • Support by phone & email before and after
  • An initial confidential phone consultation
  • A success guarantee (see details below)

If at any point in the future you feel you need it, you get a third session FREE. Unlikely you'll need it, but good to know it's there. 

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