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Are you looking for stop smoking hypnotherapy in Hammersmith? If you live or work near Hammersmith (West London) and you're looking to stop smoking, you have found the right website. My name is James Brannan and I have the training, experience, and dedication to help you stop smoking. And, probably more easily than you may have imagined.

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Looking for stop smoking hypnotherapy in Hammersmith?
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Have you tried to stop smoking before?

Most people who successfully stop smoking with hypnotherapy have tried many times on their own. Maybe you have stopped before for a short or significant period of time and then something triggered it off again. It's likely that you have had moments when you just didn't think about smoking and you felt perfectly ok.

If so, you have proven to yourself that you are able to do it. And, Hypnotherapy can help you to free yourself from smoking more easily AND permanently. And, in such a way that you don't need ongoing resistance and willpower or to begrudge smokers. You just won't feel like smoking or see it as relevant to you anymore.

What are your chances of success?!

As you know, there are some things in life which seem tough to do; BEFORE we do them. Once we've done them, we tend to forget that we were ever unsure. It's just done! You may not have been sure whether you would: pass an exam, get that job, meet that person, buy that property or pass that driving test. But, once you'd done it, it just felt natural.

Thousands and thousands of people have stopped smoking. People who smoked 3 a day and people who smoked 60 a day. Some smoked for 3 years and others smoked for 50 years. People of all ages and experiences. And, if they can do it, you can do it too! Click here if you'd like to take a quiz to see how likely you are to stop smoking.

Why choose James to help you stop smoking?

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  • A Specialist in Smoking Cessation

  • Helping people successfully since 2010

  • Powerful combination of Hypnotherapy and motivational techniques

  • Proven, effective approach

  • Free extra session if ever needed

  • Visit my Ealing Office or I can come to you


If you are looking for Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in Hammersmith and would prefer me to come to you than to visit my Ealing Office then I'm happy to do so for an extra £10 per session. I do offer home visits as some clients have a preference for it.

Why I do what I do

Personally, I get a lot of satisfaction from helping people to successfully stop smoking. I'm certainly not an anti-smoker and I discourage my clients from becoming insufferable anti-smokers themselves! However, I do believe in giving my clients the choice to be free from smoking. And, to feel really good as they do so. Clients tend to report that they enjoyed the process more than expected. It's important to remember that we are freeing your mind and body from smoking. It's a liberating experience for someone to gain or regain control in this way. For my part, it's a privilege to facilitate an effective process for such a positive choice in someone's life.

What you get


  • 2 highly effective hypnotherapy sessions
  • A proven process tailored to you
  • Support by phone & email before and after
  • An initial confidential phone consultation
  • A success guarantee (see details below)

If at any point in the future you feel you need it, you get a third session FREE. Unlikely you'll need it, but good to know it's there. 

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