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Are you looking for stop smoking hypnotherapy in Chiswick? If so then you have found the right website. My name is James Brannan, I am a professional Hypnotherapist specialised in smoking cessation. And, I have the training, experience, and dedication needed to help you stop smoking. As you browse this page please feel free to contact me any time to discuss your wants and needs on the telephone number below.

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Looking for stop smoking hypnotherapy in Chiswick?
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Have you stopped smoking before?

Perhaps you have stopped smoking before for a while. Many people try to stop smoking, often many times before they finally stop with the help of Hypnotherapy. Whether you have tried to or stopped before, you've no doubt had moments when you didn't think about smoking. Perhaps on an aeroplane journey or while swimming or immersed in a task. This proves that you can be fine without cigarette and Hypnotherapy can help you to remove the unhelpful attachments you've made. Once you think differently about cigarettes, you're going to feel like you could take or leave them and then choose to leave them!

What are your chances of success?!

Many people ask me what my success rate is and I say the following: the process works, but we must WORK THE PROCESS! So long as you are open to it and you have decided for yourself that you do want to stop smoking, then you will do very well. It's important that we work as a team, co-operatively. And, if you are happy to follow my instructions, then you will become a non-smoker.

Countless people worry that they won't pass their driving test each year and yet they go on to pass with flying colours. Thousands of people each year doubt that they can stop smoking and yet thousands do. If you have decided to stop and you're doing it for your own good reasons, then you're good to go.

Click here if you'd like to take a quiz to see how likely you are to stop smoking.

Why choose James to help you stop smoking?

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  • Specialised in Smoking Cessation

  • Helping people stop smoking since 2010

  • A highly effective combination of techniques

  • A tried and tested methodology

  • Guarantee of a third session FREE if needed

  • Visit my Ealing Office or I can come to you


If you are looking for Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in Chiswick and would prefer me to come to you than to visit my Ealing Office, then I'm happy to do so. I offer home visits, for an extra £10 per session, if that's more convenient for you.

Why I do what I do

Helping people to stop smoking is both enjoyable and rewarding. I've always seen it as a privilege to help someone to do something so important to them. Something which can have a huge positive impact on their lives. I'm certainly not an insufferable anti-smoker and believe that if a person wants to smoke it's entirely their choice. Likewise, if a person has decided they want to stop, then I enjoy helping them achieve their freedom. Many clients report afterwards that it was a great experience for them and they feel really good about themselves. I hope to have the chance to help you break free from smoking and I'm here for you when you're ready.

What you get


  • 2 highly effective hypnotherapy sessions
  • A proven process tailored to you
  • Support by phone & email before and after
  • An initial confidential phone consultation
  • A success guarantee (see details below)

If at any point in the future you feel you need it, you get a third session FREE. Unlikely you'll need it, but good to know it's there. 

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