How to Quit Smoking

When considering how to quit smoking, there are a number of factors that have to be changed. That is, if we are to quit smoking without feeling drawn back to it all too easily. And, of all factors, the way you see yourself makes as much of an impact as anything else. Seeing yourself as 'A Smoker', someone who is destined ultimately to always smoke; will draw you back to it. This article will explain how to quit smoking by removing this IDENTITY of being a smoker and why it's important.

It starts with good intentions

Perhaps the most common way someone starts smoking is with a group of "potential friends" offering them a cigarette. And, there it is; the potential of gaining friendship and social acceptance in a group. This is the all-compelling lure, especially to a young mind. We want to be accepted and liked, and, at a young age, it can feel like a very big deal indeed. Dare I say; we feel a NEED to be accepted and liked. And if it's a choice between puffing on a cigarette or being outcast, the cigarette at that moment looks like a reasonable option.


The Identity Trap

Once we start smoking, our smoking buddies help us to feel like an accepted member of the group. And so, it starts to happen. We start to see ourselves as "a smoker"; a member of the 'smoking clan' if you will. We begin to identify ourselves by 'type'. Whether it's the "chilled out and cool" type. The "laid back, easy going friend" or "the rebel" or something else. These are all IDENTITIES that can be taken on and somewhat embellished in the mind. And, even when we decide that we don't want to smoke anymore, these IDENTITIES can keep us coming back to smoking. They have the power to stop us from freeing ourselves from something that doesn't suit our lives anymore. It feels like smoking is a part of us somehow. It's who we are.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Pieces of weed, mixed with toxins and wrapped in paper have absolutely no connection at all with who you are as a person. And yet, the mind at a deeper level somehow pulls forward these prior experiences and the misinformed meanings that you made back then. You're an adult human. You do not need to smoke to gain the approval of others these days. That is if you even need the approval of others at all. And, if you needed to do anything that damaged your health to win friends, you would re-consider who these 'friends' really were.

How to Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy

In Hypnotherapy, you will be guided to think of yourself in ways that allow smoking to feel irrelevant to you. In a relaxed yet focused state, you will be guided to think of your future. You will get a strong sense of how you see yourself after smoking has become something you USED to do. Relax, you won't become a raving anti-smoker and you won't change from being the real you. It's just that you will start to realise that smoking is completely separate from who you are and that you can more easily be who you now are without cigarettes than with them.


Setting Yourself Free

This may not make complete sense to you yet when considering how to quit smoking. These senses of identity, however, operate unconsciously and we are lured towards that which is familiar to us. When you quit smoking with Hypnotherapy, the power of your old, misinformed sense of identity with smoking, will start to dissolve. And, in its place, the new sense of yourself can strengthen and emerge. You get to decide who and what you are and what choices and behaviors best reflect that. You choose what suits your life. I'm certainly not here to tell you what you should or shouldn't do. However, when a person is drawn back into doing something they no longer want to do; I believe it's time to do some good inner work.

People who quit smoking with Hypnotherapy sometimes mention that when they look back and think that they used to smoke, it doesn't seem like them. Although they are every bit the same person, with the same values and personality, they just don't have the desire to smoke anymore.



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