Does Hypnosis work for Smoking?

Hypnosis has been used for many decades now around the world to help people to be free of smoking. Helping people to quit smoking might be what Hypnosis is best known for therapeutically. Indeed, there are many reasons a Hypnotherapist will give you, arguing of course in favour of using Hypnosis and many research studies have been undertaken with a goal of proving it's efficacy. However, rather than trying to persuade you of which is the most reliable study taken, it may be better that you come to your own conclusions. 

By reading through the questions and answers on this FAQ page I hope to provide you some key distinctions of what to expect. My wish for you is that you will be able to gather your answer to "does Hypnosis work for Smoking"? And, HOW does Hypnosis work for smoking? If you have more questions remaining after you've studied this page, please contact me via one of the forms or call me on 0208 9919805. Happy reading and I hope to be of service to you.  


What really is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind we go into in order to learn faster and make wanted changes in our unconscious thought processes.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is about using Hypnotic states for therapeutic benefit. A Hypnotherapist seeks first to understand what the client's problem is and what they would like instead. They then guide the client into hypnosis and present to the mind a carefully constructed range of suggestions and ideas in ways that the mind can process and use them.

Is Hypnotherapy safe?

Yes, perfectly, if the person knows what they are doing. Your Hypnotherapist will only be guiding your mind to focus on positive, safe choices.

How does Hypnotherapy help someone stop smoking?

The desire or compulsion to smoke is held in place by unconscious associations. You have learned to make these associations to the point where they happen automatically, in your unconscious mind. What associations? Associations of when to smoke; certain times of day or before or after meals. Associations between having something like a drink and the impulse that a cigarette would go so nicely with it. These associations become etched in the mind in ways where not having the cigarette feels like there is something wrong, like a void left. As well as your own unique range of specific associations, you will have certain beliefs and even an identification with smoking. You will likely have seen it as being a part of your day, a part of your life.

Hypnotherapy helps to change the way these associations and other relevant factors automatically trigger in your mind. Remember you didn't have a cigarette immediately after you were born and then smoke from birth throughout your childhood. You had to learn to smoke and to have these associations and connections with the act of smoking. And, what the mind has learned, it can do the opposite of course and unlearn. Hypnotherapy helps the mind to create new patterns of thought in place of the old. The Hypnotic state allows the learning to happen faster and be more significant to the mind. The Hypnotherapist must be skilled and understand what to do. They will speak to the mind in ways where the unconscious mind will process the information presented. Your mind will make new associations with smoking in place of the old and be given new choices which will appeal to it a great deal more. The benefits of stopping smoking will be promoted in ways that allow the mind to clearly see the advantage at all levels and let go of the old thought patterns. The new options of being a non-smoker will be presented so that the mind is just so compelled to go there instead that it automatically starts to change it's tune. Almost like all old thoughts are re-routed through to healthier and better ones. Don't be fooled into thinking Hypnosis is some wishy washy method, it's nearer to precision neuro-science.

Some Hypnotherapists do it in just one session, why do you do 2 sessions?

After trialling and testing (1, 2 and 3 session approaches) I have found that a 2 session approach works best. This is probably because of several reasons. Firstly, the initial session allows us to establish rapport and ease into a nice working collaboration. Secondly, having a first session also allows me to collect any remaining information and ensure I have all needed to understand how to be most effective in helping you. Third, that first session allows you to experience hypnosis so that there are no surprises in the second session. Once you are familiar with the process you will tend to quickly relax and find yourself increasingly able to go with it. And, finally, you then have around a week in between the two sessions where you can continue smoking and yet in the background the seeds of the first session have been laid and will become more active when supported by the second session. Where the first session starts the change process and lays the foundations, the second completes the process and rounds off all remaining aspects.

What is being in Hypnosis like?

Many people think that Hypnosis is like being put under an anaesthetic. They think they will be knocked out and not able to hear or do anything. That is simply not true at all and is a very false perception. It's important that you realise Hypnosis is a natural state that simply feels like a daydream. You will likely be very relaxed and feel like your body and mind are in a lethargic state. It feels like you don't care too much to analyse what's being said, but just drift and flow with the ideas presented. You will hear and remember just as much as in any normal conversation. It doesn't require some strange or abnormal state to positively impact your mind. If you were unconscious, as in knocked out, then your mind would be in the wrong state to learn and absorb ideas. Hypnosis feels very normal and natural and yet it is very effective.

What will I have to do?

Once you have had a chance to ask any questions and you are fully satisfied, I will ask you questions to elicit your reasons to stop smoking. There are some key pieces of information which will be very useful to use to help you stop smoking more easily. We will talk on the phone initially before meeting face to face for our 2 sessions. In the first session we will apply a couple of techniques which start to loosen the smoking habit. We will then do a Hypnosis session to continue the process along and allow you an initial experience of Hypnosis. You will have your last cigarette the evening before the second session. In the second session we apply another technique and then apply a slightly longer Hypnosis session to complete the process.

You won't have to do anything other than relax and work with me co-operatively in the sessions. Simply follow some instructions and allow yourself to relax into the process. You'll find it's a very positive process and many people rapport afterwards that they really found it to be an uplifting experience (quite unlike what they may have perceived originally). You have nothing to worry about at all. If you are genuinely motivated to stop smoking and willing to work with me as a good team, then we will do very well and have a successful outcome.

When will I stop smoking?

You will have your last cigarette the evening before the second session. You choose what time that is.

Will I need a lot of willpower?

Some will power is required even for us to get out of bed in the morning. So, willpower can have its place and perhaps more so for the first 2 or 3 days after stopping. Thereafter most people report that they really felt quite detached from smoking and didn't have to try too hard.

These results can vary depending if you live with others who smoke and how they behave; ie. whether they are supportive or try to tempt you back. It's a good idea to set your environment in advance of your stopping so that you feel like it's a fresh start (I will advise you on this later). Having said the above, many people tell me, when I follow up and see how they are doing, that they found it very easy and released the habit without needing any willpower. This can vary person to person.

Will I experience cravings?

Again, this can also vary. Some people tell me they had no cravings at all, others report some cravings but usually only within the first few days or week. In any case, I prepare all my clients with 2 fantastic techniques to eliminate any craving feelings within seconds. Those who apply either one or both of these techniques find they work beautifully but it's down to the individual to take a few moments and just apply them.

What do you actually do while I'm in Hypnosis?

There are a number of essential aspects that must occur to allow the smoking habit to drop away from you so that it becomes less and less desired. One aspect already mentioned on this website is re-writing the mental associations learned. Like having a coffee sparks a desire for a cigarette. Such associations must be changed. I also remove other attachments that have held you identified with being a smoker. This is done through a very carefully devised range of suggestions, ideas and even metaphors used in the sessions. The result is your mind will feel far less attached to or desirous of smoking after we are finished.

Can I expect to stop smoking permanently?

Yes you can. Sometimes a person can be persuaded back into smoking by a friend who offers and jives them and says "go on, join me, just one". This can set the old patterns all off again. However I will prepare you to minimise the chances of this. However, you do have my 3rd session guarantee, where if ever needed you can come back for another session. It's all included in the original price for the 2 sessions.

What helps it to work best so I'm most likely to stop successfully?

First, you're wanting to stop smoking for your own reasons. It's important that you're stopping for 'you' and not just because others want you to. It must be your own decision. Secondly, your open minded co-operation and trust. The process used has been carefully sculpted from a huge body of work and tested and proven methods. If you are willing to co-operate and follow the instructions you will successfully stop smoking.

What if I don't feel 100% ready to stop?

The important thing is that you can honestly say to yourself that you do want to stop smoking. You may still feel the lure towards it and feel like you don't have the choice. However, if you have come to the point where you honestly want to free yourself from smoking then the process can help you get all the way there. Again what's required is your desire to stop and your willingness to co-operate with the process.

I have other questions I want ask, what shall I do?

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