Thank you for booking your stop smoking program!

Congratulations on making an excellent decision to stop smoking with the help of Hypnotherapy.


1) Fill out the stop smoking questionnaire

2) Watch the two videos


The questionnaire will provide me with very important information which I use in the sessions. Please take time to fill this honestly (TIME NEEDED AROUND 10 MINS). Click on the 'Start Now' link below to fill out the questionnaire and remember to hit the SUBMIT button at the end so it's sent through to me.

After you've finished the questionnaire, go ahead and watch the short videos below because they will give you some key understandings. It's so important that you have a clear understanding of what Hypnotherapy is. If you have any misconceptions, they can interfere with the process. So please watch these videos and, if you can, watch the Interview About Hypnotherapy too. This is longer (37mins) but will give you a lot of answers and clarity about Hypnotherapy. (You could watch it while preparing a meal?) The more you are correctly informed about the process, the better you will do.

Click the button to fill out the Stop Smoking Questionnaire

Watch an Interview about Hypnotherapy

The 2 Craving Busters!