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Hello and welcome to James Brannan Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in London. If you have decided to stop smoking then you have arrived at the right website! I am a dedicated, professional hypnotherapist based in London and specialized in helping in helping people to stop smoking. If you live or work in West London then you might like to visit me at my Ealing Office, or if you prefer, I can come to you.

This website has a lot of information about hypnotherapy and about the smoking cessation process I use. You might like to browse through the Blog and gain more understandings. And, at any time, please feel free to call me on 0208 9919805. I welcome your call so that we can discuss your wants, answer any questions you may have and allow you to know all you need in order to make a good decision for you.



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Client Comments

Toby Flesher Sunbury on Thames. 

Successfully stopped smoking. Very good experience, totally took me by surprise. He was very professional in his approach.

Photo of Toby Flesher who quit smoking with James Brannan Hypnotherapy
(Stopped Smoking Sept 2018)

Linda Alexander, Teddington

James is a wonderful hypnotherapist. I still can’t really believe that I don’t want to smoke, it’s like I’ve never smoked.

Client testimonial Image for Linda Alexander. Testimonial for James Brannan stop smoking
(Stopped Smoking August 2018)

Why choose me to help you stop smoking?

  • Specialist dedicated to Smoking Cessation 
  • Helping people successfully stop since 2008 
  • Effective 2 session approach tailored to you 
  • Your backup Guarantee (3rd session free!)
  • Visit my Ealing or Bond Street Office
  • If preferred, I can come to you   


When you book with me you're hiring the services of someone specialized in smoking cessation. I have been offering stop smoking hypnotherapy in London for more than 10 years. And, after a great deal of testing to find what works best, I have refined my approach to the best methods. I have continued to improve my method over time. And so you will be benefiting from all of this experience.

Finally, I OFFER A GUARANTEE!: A 3rd session, free of charge and there for you, at any time in the future if needed. It's unlikely you'd ever need it, but it's nice to know you have it there!   


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More Client Comments

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Julie Kerr West Hamstead, London

After 1 session with James I stopped and not just stopped but I don’t even think about smoking let alone have any cravings. If you’ve been trying to stop smoking and haven’t managed it yet I highly recommend James.

Claire McKenzie Ealing, London

After a few enquiries a friend recommended James and within 2 sessions with him I stopped. Just like that! I would recommend James to anyone wanting to quit smoking. It was an all round great experience.

Derek Hallick Ealing, London

Hi James, I would like to thank you for stopping my smoking. I have smoked for 54 years and it was having an adverse affect on my health. All I wanted was a painless cessation and that’s what you gave to me. Thanks James.

Rony Rossi Ealing, London

Great to work with, i would definitely recommend james to friends and family.

Shikha Gupta Ealing, London

It was interactive, and I liked his method. It's felt like magic and I have no temptation to smoke!

Please Note:

The above are genuine client comments, kindly given in their own words with their permission to display them. However results can vary from person to person. 

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